If it involves a camera, then at some point in time I’ve done it.

From the outdoors, to the indoors. From traveling baby day photographer to high fashion. From photographing homeless on city streets to photographing Premiers, Prime Ministers, Presidents and Royalty. From high end studios to home based freelancing. From newspapers to magazines. From industrial to commercial.

My photography  journey began as part of a shop class in high school, and probably would have ended there if it wouldn’t have been for a real photographer that lived in the same town, and who took the time to look at my work, encourage me, and show me how to improve. Most importantly he showed me what really good work looked like.

What do I like best. Anything that involves making photographs. I like to do it right, instead of right now. So I ask a lot more questions of clients than most, because it takes a lot less time to do it right the first time, than to have to do it again.

I love working with newborns and their parents, but I don’t like the unnatural highly manipulated photo shopped images. Even at a few days old, every child has already started to exhibit their own personality, and what better time to catch the interaction of Mom and Dad with the newest addition to their life. Those photoshopped images come naturally at three months old, so why not wait till then, rather than manhandle the little one into position when they are only days old.

But every age has it’s own challenges and rewards. The precocious two-year-old, the inquisitive three year old, the shy four-year-old, the little adult who is now in First Grade,