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Our Birthday Gift to You

From 2 to 102, or even higher, we at Irreplaceable Memories Photography want to help celebrate your birthday, so during the month of your birth, we waive our regular sitting fee, and gift you 8 wallet sized prints. ($250 value) .

This is a regular portrait session, so you will receive a pre-sitting consultation, and a regular viewing session, and while you are welcome to purchase any additional portraits, you have no obligation to do so.

The offer cannot be used for anything other than an individual portrait session, and while the session doesn’t need to be on your birthday, it does have to be booked in that month.

To book your birthday session, call or text to 403-596-8222, or send an email to

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Preston’s First Birthday Cake

I have this posted on my Facebook page but just realized that I don’t have it on my blog. It’s one of my favorite images and we have a 30×40 canvas hanging on the wall at home. It was Preston’s first birthday, and like most first born children he wasn’t allowed cake or chocolate or sweets of any kind. So when we decided to do photos of him with his first birthday cake we were not quite sure what to expect. Well he looked at this strange thing in front of him for a few seconds. Then tentatively touched it with his finger which brought off a little icing. So as most one year olds, that went in his mouth. His eyes lit up and he plunged face first into the cake.Preston