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I’m working on creating a recipe calendar as a fund raising project for a food bank.  Here are the photo’s that I have so far. Let me know what you think about them.

This one is one of my all-time favorite food photographs, it’s a simple Lemon Curd tart garnished with a sliced fresh strawberry.

Lemon Tart with StrawberryThe next image here is another Lemon Curd Tart this time garnished with Irreplaceable Memories - Imphoto Blog Photo 20110407-_DSC0552a quartered strawberry and a couple slices of Mango and topped with some fresh basil.

Again, staying with the Lemon Curd Tart we have now topped it with some locally picked wild Saskatoon Berries.

Red_Deer_Olds_Central_Alberta_Photographer_-_Irreplaceable_Memories_Photography_-_Imphoto_Blog_Photo_20110408-_DSC0574For the next image I’ve chosen to go with wild game, and we have a Bison Steak with jalapeño Butter, baked potato and grilled peppers.

Irreplaceable Memories - Imphoto Blog _DSC0896Next is a Roasted Grouse, wrapped in bacon, and accompanied with fresh Morel Mushrooms.

Grouse Wrapped in Bacon with Morel MushroomsStaying with wild game, we now have a home smoked goose breast on a bed of fresh spring greens.


Switching now to beef, we have a beef stew with a bit of a twist, instead of using beef stock for the cooking liquid we replaced it with a couple of bottles of Hard Apple Cider.

BEEF STEW IN APPLE CIDER SAUCEYou would think that this luscious looking piece of Lasagna would be carrying on with the idea of beef, but you would be wrong because this lasagna is all vegetarian covered in a rich diary free béchamel sauce.

Red_Deer_Olds_Central_Alberta_Photographer_-_Irreplaceable_Memories_Photography_-_Imphoto_Blog_Photo_20110306-_DS38560Staying with the idea of vegetarian we head over to South East Asia for the next dish, its called Vegetable Fried Mae Goreng, or as it is also know Singaporean Noodles.

This dish comes from Spicy Green Restaurant in Prince George, BC, and if you ever find your self in Prince George, you will want to make it a must stop for their South Indian menu.

Red_Deer_Olds_Central_Alberta_Photographer_-_Irreplaceable_Memories_Photography_-_Imphoto_Blog_Photo_20120817-_DS35511And this Butter Chicken dish  is also from the Spicy Green Restaurant, and quite frankly it is so good, that it’s worth making the trip to Prince George just to eat it. It comes with a big side of rice, Naan Bread, and Papadam.

Red_Deer_Olds_Central_Alberta_Photographer_-_Irreplaceable_Memories_Photography_-_Imphoto_Blog_Photo_20120731-_DS35128Well now it’s back to Canada and a standard ham, mushroom, and cheese omelet accompanied by a side salad.

Red_Deer_Olds_Central_Alberta_Photographer_-_Irreplaceable_Memories_Photography_-_Imphoto_Blog_Photo_20090429-_D202095And the final dish in the calendar is another breakfast dish, French Toast made with real day old  French Bread soaked in egg custard and then topped with sliced bananas and strawberry’s.



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